The future plants the immediate necessity to create new models for the future, taking into account scientific and technological advancements that give us a new vision of the universe. Above all with advancements in the understanding of Quantum Physics, what is “real,” is not clear.

For more than 90 years, scientists have known that the previous models are false and as quantum results materialize, the entire social, political and economic anchoring based on models will crumble not only false for a group of theoretical scientists, but for segments each wider population as knowledge advances.

Our "free will" contains decision-making, moral and ethical decisions, etc. Convergences between Science, Religions and even other beliefs should be considered. (The attempt to understand the Universe from different points of view does not have to be exclusive). In fact, if all of them offer "positive" solutions, according to quantum effects they serve to evolve.

It is necessary to design and conceive the Revolution of the 21st Century, which is not violent, but is based on new ideas and values.

This should lead us to the reformulation of myths, rites, cities, laws, economic systems, political systems, educational, moral and ideological systems, etc.

(The overcoming of the old dichotomies towards more flexible and balanced positions).

Practical Application for the Theory of General Systems

Ever since the System Dynamics and the multivariable model of the world (Forrester, 1970s) or the Problem Solving (Rusell Ackoff, 1970s), even the actual jobs of the Institute of San Fe about Complex Adaptive Systems (2000s), passing through the Viable System or P. Checkland’s Soft System Methodology (1078), the applications are incessant.