The present is probabilistic and analyzes how we interact with the environment. Science and technology has allowed us to create new conceptions of the universe. Above all with advances in the understanding of the Theory of Relativity with Einstein and Quantum Theory.

The perception of the Universe has changed radically but our political, economic and social systems have not yet. We still have obsolete dichotomous concepts, although new paradigms and attempts at change are emerging due to widespread discontent.

The current Classical Models still reproduce classical Newtonian Models, intimately related to a conception of the universe (predictable, geometric, of matter, absolute time, etc.). This leads us to still have dichotomies that are obsolete but that continue to mark our political, economic and social systems:

  • Matter-Energy.
  • Black-White.
  • Male-Female.
  • East-West.
  • Left-Right.
  • Capitalism-Communism.
  • Blue-Red.
  • Mind-Body.
  • "The good and bad".

Torres GemelasAtentados ParísVíctimas

(Management of Uncertainty with a little more knowledge, but with little awareness yet).

Practical Application for the Theory of General Systems

Ever since the System Dynamics and the multivariable model of the world (Forrester, 1970s) or the Problem Solving (Rusell Ackoff, 1970s), even the actual jobs of the Institute of San Fe about Complex Adaptive Systems (2000s), passing through the Viable System or P. Checkland’s Soft System Methodology (1078), the applications are incessant.